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A statement about what we do

The Witches Brewery

The Witches Brewery is the name given to the lodge where we gather. to share meals, drinks, andstimulating conversation, and laughter. Inside the open air, waterfront lodge, lies the magical kitchen where our harvest is made into meals, restaurant, bar, game area, and gift shop.  Tours are arranged at the bar, so you will certainly get to know the lodge.  

We grow most of our own food, or purchase from mainland organic farmers. Our permaculture farm offers coconuts, cacao,  jackfruit, guanabana, breadfruit, bananas, primativa, platano, yucca, otoe,daishin, maricua, papaya, watermelon, pixbae,moringa, lemons, habaneros and more.  We cultivate and harvest these to produce exceptional farm to table meals for our guests. We provide vegan, vegetarian, and seafood  menu options.  Daily meal packages available from $50/pp/per day (vegan/vegetarian) - to $60/pp/per day, or in an all inclusive package.


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Getting Here

There are two ways to get to De la Luna.

1)  The Bocas Way:

Fly/Bus/Drive to Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon.  From Bocas, you will travel  30minutes by private water taxi  passing lush islands laden with coral reefs , dolphins, cormorants, pelicans  and indignous villages en route to the remote jungle island of Loma Partida (Colina Divida).   


2 people     $65 each way

3-4  people $75 each way

5-7 people  $85 each way

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* Please be aware that gasoline is expensive in Panama, which does not host any refineries.  There is often a price to pay for a clean environment.  The taxi drivers are indeendent local operators, and only accept cash.  

* Inclement weather, or trnansfers after dark incur an additional fee.  We respect the addeddifficulty in navigating at night orduring storms, and want to compensate our loyal captains.

2)  Overland:

Fly/Bus/Drive to the old colonial capital of David. From David,  we can arrange a private driver, or you can drive/get on a bus from the terminal towards Changuinola, and advise the attendant you want off at Quebrada Marin, NOT Changuinola  (3 hours by bus, 2 1/2 hours by car).  Quebrada Marin hosts a bus stop,  secure car park ($2/day) small store, and a short gravel driveway downhill to the jungle river boat docks used by the inidgenous population in the Southern Islands. Your captain will be waiting for you for the 25 minute water taxi ride to De la Luna.   He will take you down the jungle covered river, teeming with wildlife, the into a small bay where you may see men fishing in dugout canoes, as you cross the lagoon to De ka Luna.  


1-2 people  $30 each way

3-4 people  $40 each way

5-7 people  $50 each way

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